Class ResourceRegistration


public final class ResourceRegistration
extends java.lang.Object

Provides an easy to use utility for Jini services that wish to register bytes with a resource service.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static[] register(java.lang.String resourceServiceLocation, resourceStream)
          Register a resource with a resource service.
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Constructor Detail


public ResourceRegistration()
Method Detail


public static final[] register(java.lang.String resourceServiceLocation,
Register a resource with a resource service. The resource service is located using the JRAP formatted string, resourceServiceLocation to find a ResourceAccess service. Attributes of discovered access proxies are searched to find a resource service into which resource bytes may be stored. Once a resource service is discovered, an attempt to create a new resource is made. If ResourceRegisteredException is thrown the registration attempt is aborted and considered successful. If no exception is thrown, the new resource is filled.
resourceServiceLocation - a JRAP URL formatted string which identifies the location of a resource access service.
resourceStream - the byte stream from which resource bytes will be read by a receiving resource service.
an array of URL formatted strings containing the codebase annotations of resource services with which resource bytes were registered.