available() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream
available() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream


ByteStore - interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore.
Generic contract through which byte arrays are stored and retrieved.


Client - class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.Client.
Client looks up a simple user defined service and invokes a method on that service.
Client() - Constructor for class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.Client
close() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream
close() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
connect() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Discover a resource service and open a connection to it.
create(HttpServer, ByteStore, JrapURLParser) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl
Enables the creation of a resource service.


Debug - class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug.
Utility which facilitates logging of information and error messages.
Debug() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug
DEFAULT_PORT - Static variable in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
DONT_REPLACE - Static variable in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
downloaded(String, InetAddress) - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.DownloadListener
DownloadListener - interface org.gloin.resource.DownloadListener.
Enables listeners to receive a call back when an http server instance receives a request to serve a given resource.


equals(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
equals(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy
equals(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
equals(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
equals(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
error(String) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread
expand(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander
Expand property variables specified in toExpand by performing various substitutions on that string.
expand(String[]) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander
Expand an array of strings by calling the expand(String toExpand) method of this class.
ExportClassLoader - class org.gloin.resource.ExportClassLoader.
Enables programmatic control over the outgoing urls for classes loaded through class loader instances of this type.
ExportClassLoader(URL[], URL[]) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.ExportClassLoader
exportURLs - Variable in class org.gloin.resource.ExportClassLoader


FileByteStore - class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore.
ByteStore that stores and retrieves class files from a local file system.
FileByteStore() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
FileByteStore(String, boolean) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
fileDownloaded(String, InetAddress) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
This method provides a way for subclasses to be notified when a file has been completely downloaded.
fillResource(InputStream) - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceHandle
Send an input stream that may be used remotely in a resource service.
fillResource(InputStream) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy


getAccess() - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceService
Obtain a ResourceAccess object which can be used to download resource bytes from a corresponding resource service.
getAccess() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl
getBaseURL() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
getBytes(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
Return the bytes of the requested file.
getBytes(String) - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
getDefaultPort() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
getFile() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getGroups() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getHeaderField(int) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
getHeaderField(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
getHeaderFieldKey(int) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
getHost() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getID() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getInputStream() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Delegates to discovered up ResourceAccess objects in order to fulfill a request to load the bytes referenced by a jrap url.
getKnownAttributes() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getLocators() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getName() - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceHandle
Obtain the name of the resource to which this object is a handle.
getName() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
getOutputStream() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Get the output stream.
getPermission() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Permission to connect to a JRAP url implies the ability to connect to arbitrary hosts and ports (at least it does for now).
getPort() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getQuery() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getResourceAsStream(String) - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceAccess
Obtain an input stream for the resource with name, name.
getResourceAsStream(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy
getServiceTemplate() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
getURLs() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ExportClassLoader
getValue(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander


Handler - class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler.
URL stream handler specialized to handle the JRAP url protocol.
Handler() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
hashCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Hello - interface org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.Hello.
HttpServer - class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer.
A simple HTTP server, just for serving up the code service's proxy.
HttpServer(ByteStore, boolean) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
Construct a server.
HttpServer(ByteStore, boolean, DownloadListener) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
HttpServer(ByteStore, boolean, DownloadListener, int) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer


InputStreamFactory - interface org.gloin.resource.InputStreamFactory.
Factory to obtain input streams which will be used to send and receive resource bytes to and from resource services.
install() - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
Simple utility method to install this protocol handler so that a given VM can make use of JRAP urls.


JrapURLConnection - class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection.
Implementation of URLConnection which looks up and uses a Jini service in order to fullfil requests to load bytes for a given "jrap" url.
JrapURLConnection(URL) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
Construct a JrapURLConnection to load resources from the given url.
JrapURLParser - class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser.
Provides a parsing utility for Jini Resource Access Protocol (JRAP) URLs.
JrapURLParser(String) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
Constructs a JRAP URL parser from the supplied URL formatted string spec parameter.
JrapURLParser(String, ServiceID, String[], LookupLocator[], Entry[]) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
Constructs a JRAP URL parser from the supplied parameter JRAP URL components.
JrapURLParser(URL) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
Constructs a JRAP URL parser from the supplied url parameter.


Launcher - class org.gloin.resource.misc.Launcher.
A generic utility to launch Java programs from the command line.
list() - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceService
List the names of the resources that have been created in this resource service.
list() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
list() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl
list() - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore


main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.RegisterResource
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.StartResourceService
The command line options are:
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.Launcher
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.Client
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.StartUserService


net.gloin.resource - package net.gloin.resource
Provides the public the JRAP public API .
net.gloin.resource.util - package net.gloin.resource.util
Provides the public the JRAP public API .
newInputStream(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory
Create a new input stream for a given resource
newInputStream(String) - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.InputStreamFactory
Create a new input stream for the resource with name, resourceName.
newResource(String) - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceService
Create a new resource in the resource service that will serve as a placeholder until the resource is filled with bytes from a registering service.
newResource(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl


openConnection(URL) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice - package org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice
Provides an example JRAP application.
org.gloin.resource - package org.gloin.resource
Provides the JRAP prototype implementation.
org.gloin.resource.misc - package org.gloin.resource.misc
Provides the JRAP prototype implementation.
org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap - package org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap
Provides the JRAP protocol handler prototype implementation.


parseURL(URL, String, int, int) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
plugTogether(InputStream, OutputStream) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread
plugTogether(OutputStream, InputStream) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread
print(String) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug
println(String) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug
println(Throwable) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug
println(Throwable, String) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.Debug
PropertyExpander - class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander.
A utility class to resolve property variables embedded in a string.
PropertyExpander.ExpandException - exception org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander.ExpandException.
PropertyExpander() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander
PropertyExpander(Properties) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander


read() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream
read() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
register(String, InputStream) - Static method in class net.gloin.resource.util.ResourceRegistration
Register a resource with a resource service.
RegisterResource - class org.gloin.resource.RegisterResource.
Command line oriented utility to enable registration of file resource bytes in a resource service
RegisterResource() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.RegisterResource
RemoteResourceService - interface org.gloin.resource.RemoteResourceService.
Remote interface for resource service RMI stub
removeBytes(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
removeBytes(String) - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
REPLACE - Static variable in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
REPLACE_IF_EMPTY - Static variable in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
reserveBytes(String, byte[]) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
reserveBytes(URL, String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
ResourceAccess - interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceAccess.
Provides access to read resources stored in a particular resource service.
ResourceAccessProxy - class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy.
Simple implementation of ResourceAccess interface which uses a reference to an input stream factory to deliver resources to requesting clients.
ResourceAccessProxy(InputStreamFactory) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy
resourceFilled(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
ResourceHandle - interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceHandle.
Enables user services store to resources in a resource service.
ResourceHandleProxy - class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy.
Simple implementation of ResourceHandle which delegates to an internal remote object that is specialized to modify resources in a resource service.
ResourceHandleProxy() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
ResourceHandleProxy(String, ResourceModifier) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
ResourceRegisteredException - exception net.gloin.resource.util.ResourceRegisteredException.
Thrown when an attempt to fill or create a resource is made and the relevant resource service detects that the resource already exists or is not empty.
ResourceRegisteredException(String) - Constructor for class net.gloin.resource.util.ResourceRegisteredException
ResourceRegistration - class net.gloin.resource.util.ResourceRegistration.
Provides an easy to use utility for Jini services that wish to register bytes with a resource service.
ResourceRegistration() - Constructor for class net.gloin.resource.util.ResourceRegistration
resourceService - Variable in class net.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceEntry
ResourceService - interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceService.
Enable Jini services to store and export resource byte arrays (e.g.
ResourceServiceEntry - class net.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceEntry.
Used as a Jini lookup service attribute for Jini ResourceAccess services.
ResourceServiceEntry() - Constructor for class net.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceEntry
ResourceServiceEntry(ResourceService) - Constructor for class net.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceEntry
ResourceServiceImpl - class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl.
Provides an implementation of the ResourceService interface.
ResourceServiceImpl(ByteStore, InputStreamFactory) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.ResourceServiceImpl
Constructs a ResourceServiceImpl which loads resources from the supplied byte store and serves resources remotely using the parameter inputFactory.
run() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
Just keep looping, spawning a new thread for each incoming request.
run() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread


sameFile(URL, URL) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
sameService(Object) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
Tell if two JrapURLParsers refer to the same logical service, without regard to referenced files.
sameServiceCode() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
saveBytes(String, byte[], int) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.FileByteStore
saveBytes(String, byte[], int) - Method in interface org.gloin.resource.ByteStore
sayHello() - Method in class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.UserServiceImpl
sayHello() - Method in interface org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.Hello
SerializableByteArrayInputStream - class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream.
Serializable byte array input stream.
SerializableByteArrayInputStream(byte[]) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream
setFile(String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
setGroups(String[]) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
setID(ServiceID) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
setKnownAttributes(Entry[]) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
setLocators(LookupLocator[]) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
setOverride(String, String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander
setOverrides(Properties) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.PropertyExpander
setRequestHeader(String, String) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLConnection
StartResourceService - class org.gloin.resource.StartResourceService.
Utility to create a resource service and cause it to register with a Jini federation.
StartResourceService() - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.StartResourceService
StartUserService - class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.StartUserService.
Start a simple service which references a resource service in its codebase annotation (i.e.
StartUserService() - Constructor for class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.StartUserService
StreamPlugThread - class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread.
StreamPlugThread is a utility class that "plugs" two streams, one input stream and one output stream, together by creating a thread that repeatedly reads any data available from the input stream and writes it to the output stream.
StreamPlugThread(InputStream, OutputStream) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread


toExternalForm(URL) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.Handler
String form of supplied URL.
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.HttpServer
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.SerializableByteArrayInputStream
Return byte store and stream name as string representation.
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
Return byte store and stream name as string representation.
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceAccessProxy
toString() - Method in class org.gloin.resource.protocol.jrap.JrapURLParser
Return a string form of this parser


updateResource(InputStream) - Method in interface net.gloin.resource.ResourceHandle
Send an input stream that may be used remotely in a resource service.
updateResource(InputStream) - Method in class org.gloin.resource.ResourceHandleProxy
URLInputStreamFactory - class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.
Implementation of InputStreamFactory which uses URLs to send resources to requesting clients.
URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream - class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream.
InputStream which obtains resource bytes remote a remote byte store.
URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream(URLInputStreamFactory) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream(URLInputStreamFactory, URL) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory.URLInputStream
URLInputStreamFactory(String) - Constructor for class org.gloin.resource.URLInputStreamFactory
userProg(String) - Static method in class org.gloin.resource.misc.StreamPlugThread
UserServiceImpl - class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.UserServiceImpl.
Simple service which references a resourceservice in its codebase annotation (i.e.
UserServiceImpl() - Constructor for class org.gloin.example.jrap.useresourceservice.UserServiceImpl