Package org.gloin.resource

Provides the JRAP prototype implementation.


Interface Summary
ByteStore Generic contract through which byte arrays are stored and retrieved.
DownloadListener Enables listeners to receive a call back when an http server instance receives a request to serve a given resource.
InputStreamFactory Factory to obtain input streams which will be used to send and receive resource bytes to and from resource services.
RemoteResourceService Remote interface for resource service RMI stub

Class Summary
ExportClassLoader Enables programmatic control over the outgoing urls for classes loaded through class loader instances of this type.
FileByteStore ByteStore that stores and retrieves class files from a local file system.
HttpServer A simple HTTP server, just for serving up the code service's proxy.
RegisterResource Command line oriented utility to enable registration of file resource bytes in a resource service
ResourceAccessProxy Simple implementation of ResourceAccess interface which uses a reference to an input stream factory to deliver resources to requesting clients.
ResourceHandleProxy Simple implementation of ResourceHandle which delegates to an internal remote object that is specialized to modify resources in a resource service.
ResourceServiceImpl Provides an implementation of the ResourceService interface.
SerializableByteArrayInputStream Serializable byte array input stream.
StartResourceService Utility to create a resource service and cause it to register with a Jini federation.
URLInputStreamFactory Implementation of InputStreamFactory which uses URLs to send resources to requesting clients.

Package org.gloin.resource Description

Provides the JRAP prototype implementation.

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